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Founded more than 15 years ago, we at Event Wizards believe that statements such as “trusted” and “well-established” go without saying when you dare call yourself an events production company.

The quality that really sets us apart, is that which is embodied in the very essence of our name – efficiency that almost verges on wizardry. As such, we have become renowned for pulling magic out of a hat to deliver on requests that others may very well deem “impossible” or “too demanding”.

8 hours ago

Event Wizards

"A million dreams for the world we're gonna make" and that is exactly what our wizards did. We took a dream, ideated, planned and executed it into an event that blew the guests away.

From start to finish the event was a success. The cocktail set-up incorporated a "going green" element with organic table settings including succulents and other sustainable plants. Repurposed pallets created interesting tables and seating. Water kegtail stations were set up around the venue for attendees to quench their thirst.

Incorporated within the stage set, living walls of plants brought life to an otherwise technical production. Visuals on LED screens, a giant mirror ball reflecting the "Going Big, Going Global' theme and show stopping entertainment kept everyone mesmerized!

This year we brought the Greatest Show ever to Smollan All-Star Awards 2018.
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2 days ago

Event Wizards

Whats happening Mzansi!

Who saw the giant mirror ball on the highway?
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5 days ago

Event Wizards

Globalisation and exponential growth in technology has connected people from different parts of the world in a way we never thought possible. Making the Exxaro PIT symposium a Hybrid event, to keep those who were not able to attend the event informed through the live stream platform that was integrated into the app.

There are so many benefits of having an event app such as, electronic invitations, community engagements, real time updates and social brand awareness. This ties into the sustainability theme by supporting the idea of going paperless.

How does one incorporate sustainable elements to an event – some tips from the event manager, Herkie Du Preez that helped make the Exxaro PIT symposium a success.

• Think of the term – reduce, reuse and recycle. That is exactly what we did for Exxaro PIT symposium, incorporating biodegradable materials such as bagasse to replace paper plates and plastic cutlery - the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane
• Embrace the digital world and get an event app.
• Make use of local and organic food suppliers. This will reduce your carbon footprint as well as reduce packaging waste,
• Do away with a 100 plastic bottles! Have a fun kegtail station serving still and sparkling water drafts.
• Encourage attendees to recycle by turning it into a fun event.

So why should we care about sustainability? Well its our future and we should be looking after our environment the way we try look after ourselves.
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