Meet the team

George Sutherland

Head Wizard

Ensures that all Event Wizards work like a charm.

With previous experience as a fashion designer, George will always make sure that your event is trending and looking fabulous!

Herkie du Preez

Event Wizard

Bewitches guests with magical events.

He is the proud owner of two adorable pugs – Dobbie and Ripple.

Tiaan Strydom

Event Wizard

Performs event illusions leaving guests mesmerised.

If you don’t know where to find him, go search on the dance floor.

Tumi Tsatsi

Event Wizard

Creator of enchanting events.

He finds Mr Bean funny and entertaining.

Bunny Mokhele

Apprentice Wizard

Ensures that the bunny gets pulled out of the magician’s hat.

Loves to bake when she is stressed.

Dominique Furstenberg

Office Wizard

Waves her wand over the office and finances.

Finishes off her outfit with Alien perfume.

Michelle van der Nest

Marketing Wizard

Our in-house marketing magician.

She is a huge fan of Tinkerbell.

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