Our Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events

Exxaro Pit Symposium 2019

012 Showcase

Choose UP Day 2019

Divaz Events SESA Gala Dinner

Exxaro Pit Symposium 2018

Exxaro Sustainability Summit 2019

Hikvision Al Summit


iAgri Intelligent Farming

Innovation Hub Cocktail Event

Innovation Roadshow

Michelin Dealer Conference

Mediclinic Midstream Launch

Momentum CI Launch

Momentum Claim Statistics

NRF  Awards

Red Moon Pioneer Awards

SAMA High Tea

MMI Year End

Smollan All Stars 2018

Smollan Fitnessfest

UP 21st Annual Siopsa Conference

UP Alumni Mail & Guardian Dinner

UP Open Day HRM

UP Principal’s Concert 2018

UP Principal’s Concert 2019

CIC Launch

Gogo Fruits


Child Welfare – Knitting in Public

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